A Cold Night . . .

A very cold night. At 8.15 am it was 0°C in our porch (double glazed, but no heating) and -5°C on the car thermometer when I cranked the engine into life. Later on, c.10.30 am, in the garage attached to the house, the thermometers read about 28°F and -2.5°C.

While I was out I called in at our local garage to get a new light bulb fitted and felt so sorry for the mechanic as he strruggled with the plastic clips with cold fingers. It always hurts so much when you bang cold fingers against something in the winter doesn’t it ?

People of my parents and grandparents age used to say that the cold winters were good because they killed all the bugs. Whether the bugs knew about this I don’t know as they appeared again each year when spring arrived.

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