A Grand Day Out . . .

The weather forecast said fine and sunny but cold – and it was correct. After defrosting the car we set off for Port William where we had booked at table at “The Clansman” restaurant. The roads were frosty but dry except on the minor routes where standing water at the sides was completely solid. We arrived at The Clansman a bit early but they were not in the least put out and we were soon seated and being told what was on the menu. The potato and leek soup was exactly that because the evidence was there in the form of potato chunks and leek flesh. Very tasty. The roast of the day was chicken breast and I haven’t seen such chunky pieces of chicken for a long time. It was all I could do to finish mine, and my wife gave up on hers. They came with roast potatoes, baby sausages and stuffing, and nice vegetables served separately  – broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and turnips or swedes (I couldn’t decide which). We then stuffed our selves on a meringue nest filled with cream, ice cream, and peaches and tottered out into the sunshine.

A stroll around the harbour area helped the digestion . . .

. . . but the cold soon forced us back into the car, in which we set off for the Isle of Whithorn. Passing Monreith golf course we stopped to look at the memorial to Gavin Maxwell – an otter perched on some rocks.

At the Isle of Whithorn the village hall has been refurbished and in addition to its hallish duties has a cafe, a shop and post – office so is a real village centre. By the time we arrived the cafe ladies were beginning to clear up, but they made us tea and coffee which we drank gratefully as they worked.

Palm trees on a freezing January day.
By this time the short winter day was ending so we set off for home and arrived before it got really dark, stopping only to buy milk on the way.

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