Mrs May and her “Nation” . . .

Mrs May was seen shouting (not far off screaming) at Jeremy Corbyn in the House of Commons today that we are going to leave the European Union because that is what the nation (her word) wishes.  The “nation” consists of somewhere between 64 million and 65 million souls, depending on where you go for your information.

Of these at the time of the EU Referendum 46,500,001 of us were on the Electoral Register and eligible to take part. 17,410,742 of us thought we should leave. 16,141,241 thought we should remain, and 12,948,018 did not take part. It is these leave voters which Mrs May has today, and on several previous occasions referred to as “the Nation”.

And on this specious argument she and her “Government” have embroiled us in a mess worse than any I have seen in my lifetime.

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