The Great “Majority” Myth . . .

It has puzzled me for some time that we are constantly told that “Leave won” (“suck it up”), that the “Nation” voted for “Out”, that there was a majority in favour of non-EU membership, that we have heard the “voice of the people”. Yet it is plain to see that of those who voted, some 51.9% voted to leave and 48.1% voted to remain.  This is a very even split and to regard it as a decisive result is plain stupid, or dare we say, wilfully obtuse.  The number by which leave voters exceeded remain voters is 17,410,742 – 16,141,241 or 1,269,501 and I shall call this latter figure the unopposed leave voters – that is leave voters whose vote was not cancelled out by an opposing remain vote.

At the time of the referendum the number of people on the Electoral Register was 46,500,001 of which the unopposed leave voters make up about 2.73%.  The total population of the UK at this time is nowhere (that I can find) stated clearly but appears to have been circa 65m.  Of that figure the unopposed leave voters represent some 1.95%.  I have endeavoured, not being familiar with spread sheets, to show these latter figures in the diagram above.  The orange sliver represents the unopposed 1.95% of the UK population who voted not to belong to the European Union, and the blue part represents the rest, the unfranchised, the abstainers, and the voters whose votes cancelled one another out.

The abject willingness of the Government, and indeed MPs in general to treat this tiny minority of the population as the finger of God seems very fishy to me and makes me wonder whether there is not some other and as yet unstated or undiscovered reason by this unseemly, almost panic stricken, haste towards seceding from the Union.

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