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EU Parliament 1976

EU Parliament 1976

One of the great lies much circulated before the recent EU Referendum was that we were governed by a bunch of unelected bureaucrats. The statement in itself was not at all clear as it seemed to assume that the bureaucrats – presumably the European Commission – and the elected ones – the European Parliament -were one and the same. It was an example of the ignorance about the European Union and its workings and our useless media did nothing to correct. The BBC I hold particularly culpable here. There was a time when their duty was to include educating and informing the people who pay their wages, but that has all gone.

It is worth noting therefore that it is now 40 years since the principle of universal suffrage was agreed by the then member states, and that the powers of the European Parliament have steadily increased from those days. Furthermore, not only is it elected by us, but the method of election is that of proportional representation, so that those who get elected are much more representative of what the voters wanted than our miserable affair at Westminster – elected by the “first past the post” system which effectively prevents that happening and which bleats about democracy in the hope that we will all be taken in.

There is a post on the European Parliament website about this event and it can be found HERE.

From the general to the particular, it has been the case that our last two MEPs for the North East have been very good at keeping in touch with their electorate. Our current one works very hard – sometimes I think too hard, and needs to look after herself a bit more. ┬áMain stream media never mention them of course, but via Facebook and Twitter we subversives can keep in touch with what is being done on our behalf, and give feedback when and where necessary. I believe we have a man at Westminster too, but he seems to have retired into a worm hole and may as well not exist.

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