Exploring Arbroath . . .

By | September 13

Today we both seem to be sitting about not doing very much. Tired after yesterday I expect.

In the late afternoon we went down into Arbroath to look for “The Old Brewery” which we had read about and which seemed to be a likely place to find something to eat. On arrival we found that it had begun on extensive renovations on Monday 12th September (ie : yesterday) and was due to remain so until reopening on 30th September. However, just next door almost was a cafĂ© called “Bon Bon” which seemed from the outside to be a wee coffee shop. On going inside we were conducted to the rear part of the shop and Lo ! there was a very respectable tearoom. Some tearoom too with a good range of main meals as well as sandwiches, cake and tea. We both opted for a crepe filled with Arbroath Smokie and cheese, with “chips” and salad garnish. I say “chips” because they were more like pieces of roast potato – and very good too, as was the crepe.

We both had a strawberry tart confection and I had a pot of tea for myself, J. not being a big tea drinker and having already had a bottle of Appletize, which seems to be a common drink wherever we have been so far.



Then we wandered round the harbour area taking photos and just looking. J. – as usual – found an arty gift shop and made various purchases. I found one of the many ice cream shops cum fish and chip shops founded by Italians many years ago and had a lovely “99”. I also spotted the restored Fife fishing boat which we saw at Anstruther many years ago – a “Fifie” named “Reaper”. There was another similar, but-not -the-same boat in the harbour called “St Vincent” and I would have liked to see it rigged. It seemed to be like a two masted lugger, but it also had spars stowed on deck for which I could see no purpose.

Tomorrow we might have a go at getting to Glamis Castle.

My Motorola mobile phone which was receiving emails like anything a day or two ago, seems to have decided not to receive any more. I do not understand this. I suspect it may have exceeded some data limit, or it might be out of money in which case I would have expected it to say so. Meanwhile, the Doro simpler phone just does the job of communicating without fuss or tantrums.