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Job number one today was to go up to the local Body Shop (not that sort of body shop) to get some rust patches on the car looked at.  The estimate was 2½ days work and about £200 so we accepted that to be attempted in early March.

Linguine with mussels, scallops and prawns in a creamy white wine garlic sauce.

Linguine with mussels, scallops and prawns in a creamy white wine garlic sauce.

Then off to the Fox Hall Inn – a pub much talked about and reviewed since it re-opened as a seafood restaurant – to try it out.  It is well situated from the point of view of “passing trade” – and pass it does.  The pub is right on the side of the A66 and the cars and heavy lorries whistle right past its front walls.  Fortunately the restaurant is situated at the rear of the building and once inside you are not aware of the traffic at all.  Two of the people involved in the running of the pub were until recently at the Overton House Café in Reeth, and before that (and before our time) they ran the “Hack and Spade” at Whashton, and all the establishments with which they have been associated have had first class reputations.

Duly satisfied we then went off to the Mainsgill Farm Shop which has recently undergone a big enlargement programme, and it has to be said that their new food hall is  most impressive, and on a dull February afternoon it had a steady flow of customers – including us.  A nice idea was to be able to buy balsamic vinegar (and several similar things from large containers in 100ml or 200ml flasks – not DIY, but PIY, (Pour It Yourself).

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