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Sometimes, or more accurately, a lot of the time, we the British seem to think the days of Empire are still with us – and if the rest of the world thinks they are not, it is only because the stupid rest of the world doesn’t realise that it is.  We can go and barge in anywhere we like, tell them how to run their lives, kill a few of those who disagree with us, and leave.  If “they” elect to come here, or worse, if “they” were to tell us how to run Britain the howls of self-righteous indignation would deafen all but those in the far reaches of the globe.

A good example of this may be seen in this infographic showing the opinions of those polled on whether Brits should be allowed to go and live and work wherever they like in Europe versus, whether the Europeans can come and live and work here.

Immigration and Emigration

Immigration and Emigration

Hypocritical, or what ?

British Influence – EuropeWatch Daily News Bulletin : 21 Oct 2014

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