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Cerrry Groce Blue Plaque

The following appears on Change.org :

“We the family of Cherry Groce the innocent mother who was shot and paralysed by the police in 1985. The shooting sparked the Brixton riots. To this day no one has been held responsible for what happened to her.

Independent reports state that the events in 1985 were a significant contributory factor in our mothers death in 2011. An inquest is being held in June. But we’ve been denied legal aid, without it we can’t afford a lawyer to represent us at the inquest and ask questions of the police. That’s why we would like your support in the appeal for our fight for legal aid.

Without legal aid we will be financially excluded from participating, which means we are not able to adequately and effectively take part in such a complex case and it is unfair to expect us to do so whilst the other three interested parties are being publicly funded!

Following the request of a revealing report we have received an apology from the police which comes 28 years after the shooting (and is still yet to be made in public).”

If true, these allegations about the inaccessibility of legal aid to this family is worrying.  I thought we had got this sort of thing sorted out in the June of 1215.

References :  The Daily TelegraphThe Guardian, Channel 4 News Blog by Simon Israel, BBC News.

I think the thing that stays with me is a sentence from the report seen by the Groce family and published in Simon Israel’s blog, viz :

The investigating officer concludes “”the operation was not reasonable and grave risks were created” and that “at the very least (the shooter) Inspector Lovelock displayed professional ineptitude”.

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