Catterline and Stonehaven . . .

Monday, 12th September 2016


Target for today is Stonehaven, and Catterline.

The weather appears to be more overcast than yesterday, but not too dull.

Montrose, unlike some towns, gives a good impression as the visitor arrives. Industry is visible but the road crosses the waterway to and from the Montrose Basin and goes through mainly residential areas, so there are not too many boarded up shops and derelict properties to be seen. We passed a sign to a Museum about the old Montrose airfield which I would like to visit as it may have some stuff about the RFC at the start of WW1.

We stopped in St Cyrus for a public loo which J. said should have a public award – although the Gent’s side was OK but nothing special – and as we passed turnings to Catterline (where I had already pointed out that the OS Map showed a public house) there was a brown sign indicating the “Creel Inn and Restaurant”, so we turned off and made our way back into the village and found the pub. But before we went in, we ventured down a narrow track to the harbour below. The coast hereabouts seems to be something like boulder clay, and the sea erodes it into strange lumps which in their latter stages of life become conical in shape.

The Creel Inn, Catterline

The Creel Inn, Catterline

The inn appeared small on the outside, but roomy within. We were instantly shown to a seat in the restaurant and after much explanation, none of which could I hear, we chose the lobster crabs claws and mussels combination. This was about £30.00, but because J. didn’t want mussels she got a reduction ! It was very good but as always with this sort of dish the amount of actual fish meat you get is quite small. I always think that with mussels there should be provided a suitable waste bucket for the shells so that you can clear the decks as you go along. A finger bowl was provided and was jolly useful. We indulged in a dessert apiece, but decided to forego coffee. As we left the village there was an obligatory photo stop for Highland cattle.

Stonehaven Harbour

Stonehaven Harbour

At Stonehaven the sat nav took us straight to the harbourside as planned and we walked about there, J. went in the Museum and I inspected what turned out to be a training establishment for people working at sea on oil rigs, etc. There was a set of davits on the harbourside with life boats of various sorts ready to drop into the water below. My right leg did not like this at all and I had to make use of the public benches where they were available. After one longish sit waiting for J. t emerge from the public loos, I was able to walk back to the car with little or no trouble. Odd.

We then went into a harbourside Inn and both had a hot coffee – by this time the weather, although fine, was blowing up distinctly cold and we were togged up in our warmest jackets.

Then, after a fill up with petrol, we set off home via the big Tesco store in Arbroath.

The captive balloon was flying again today.

Had a sore spot below my left eye today. Not sore all the time but very noticeable against the cheekbone when touched.

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